Major League DJz Celebrate A Sold Out Show In Nigeria

Major League DJz Celebrate A Sold Out Show In Nigeria. South African producer and deejay duo Major League DJz are some of the country’s established artists who have pivoted to the popular amapiano sound. Following the negative effects of the pandemic, Major League DJz have decided to continue throwing parties that adhere to the rules and regulations on the COVID-19, Amapiano Live Balcony Mix Africa.

While twins admit to have taken a knock like many event organisers, they are not staying down. “To have that income not coming in has been tough. Sure we have done online stuff, but it’s not as much money as the festivals would have done,” Bandile admits. To combat for the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have started a YouTube web-series Amapiano Live Balcony Mix Africa that sees them performing live sets. The twins recently hosted a show in Nigeria, doing what they do best, Balcony mix and they had a sold out show. See tweet;

Speaking on the switch to the popular house music subgenre to amapiao and its future, the twins said: “It was a bit worrying, but we basically knew what we were trying to do. You know, dance is a very big genre in Africa and the world alone. So, moving into that space wasn’t that hard, but we just had to tell the fans like, ‘This is how we’re moving.’ And now, and this is how we make touring. It’s going to have a lot of sub-genres in all of piano,” they said. “It’s already having sub-genres, just like Kwaito piano, there’s like deep house piano, there’s tech-piano already. There is afro-piano and there’s soulful piano. So like [our song] “Dinaledi” is soulful piano. And there’s kwaito, kwaito, kwaito, African kwaito piano. So yeah, so it’s probably going to grow. There’s going to be afro-beat piano, you know? So, you just need to let the genre grow, that’s part of growth.”

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