Lady Du Reveals How She Met JazziQ And The Song That Made Her A Household Name

Lady Du Reveals How She Met JazziQ And The Song That Made Her A Household Name. Lady Du has been a moving train, and eventually all she touches turns gold as some even say she ‘kills every feature’. The songstress is one of the most featured amapiano vocalist, and from her efforts lately, no one can dispute that fact. The star first blew to fame after releasing “Superstar” featuring Mr JazziQ.

“It’s funny that I popped because of amapiano. When “Superstar” was released, I had been working with JazziQ for a while. We have a few deep house tracks that we released together! My dad and JazziQ’s uncle are business partners so he’s more of a brother to me. “Superstar” was actually the last song I had planned to do. I had so many scars from having previously tried to launch my music career and felt like it was time to give up. I now know some of the celebrities I sang about on “Superstar” personally. The funniest story is that on “Superstar” I mention my actor fiance Andile Maxaka, but we hadn’t even met him when I wrote it. It’s true what they say about speaking things into existence — I wrote the song two years ago and I only met Andile last year [chuckles],” Lady Du explained.

In 2012, when Lady Du ditched the beauty industry to pursue music again, she said she always wanted to be a famous musician. For years, Lady Du struggled with getting her big break. “I was doing music, but I was not quite breaking into the mainstream. I had struggled for more than 20 years. Everyone knew me but I never became the IT girl. Bills were piling up, I had a house to pay and a daughter to take care of, I had to go back to work because the music was not sustaining me,” she said.

In 2019 things became so bad for Lady Du that she wanted to take her own life. “I became incredibly depressed about my situation. I had quit my job because I wasn’t happy. The music was not going anywhere, and family was pushing me to start a business or go corporate. Nothing was going right for me. But all I wanted was music,” she said.

Just when she was ready to quit again, that was when she received a call from Tumelo “Mr JassiQ” Manyoni who introduced her to Amapiano music, thus releasing the singles Dabula and Superstar. “I’ve been told I can’t sing, I’m boring and I’m too old. But Mr JazziQ believed in me and that motivated me to make more music,” Lady Du added.

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