Busta 929 Continues To Work With The Underaged Girl He Received Backlash For Accommodating

Busta 929 Continues To Work With The Underaged Girl He Received Backlash For Accommodating. Amapiano DJ and record producer Busta 929 has been the talk of town for releasing good music from the day he rose to fame. However, he recently found himself trending but this time, for the wrong reasons. Busta 929 came under fire after a video of him partying with underaged girls went viral. In the video, were girls who have been alleged toe 14 years old, alcohol and one of them was not wearing her clothes, instead she was wrapped in a towel.

Although he later released a statement explaining his side of the story, Busta was still called out for his behaviour and accused of not taking the matter seriously following his statement. With that being said and done, Busta is still continuing working with the underaged girl. The girl who was the reported victim took to her Facebook account to share a picture of herself together with Busta in studio and captioned it, “Busta 929#mfanathupa.What a hectic day just came back from finishing recording 😪my first single le 929❤️ coming out kadi 2 tsa july😭😍stay tuned for a sneak peek😁🥵🔥kadi 29 June video nyana wabo😊🤗Remember!!!! it’s a date 2nd July😌❤️🔥💐 Dankie Nkosi,” the girl wrote.

The accusations comes after someone claiming to be a sister to the girls approached popular gossip page ‘Hot And Served’ via Instagram for assistance in finding the girls after they were spotted on the livestream. At the point the sister approached the page, the girls had not returned home and their families were worried. “Saturday my little sis and her friends went to Rooftop Mohlakeng because Busta 929 was performing there and word is he took them to Sandton. We’ve been worried sick about them apparently they are even going live [on Instagram] with Busta in the live videos. They are mere 14 year old’s. Can they just come back home?” reads part of the message sent to the gossip page’s Instagram inbox.

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