Vigro Deep Shows Appreciation To His Musician Father

Vigro Deep Shows Appreciation To His Musician Father. The famous youngest South Africa’s producer has been doing well for the past three years and is now higher in the entertainment ranks, making a name in the South African music scenes. He is a music product, considering he has spent most of his life practicing, composing, and releasing tracks. Growing up Vigro Deep was no stranger to music as his father Victor Ngcongwana one of the founding members of the Godfather Of House.

The star is the son of the famous Victor Ngcongwana famously known as Dj Spring. Looking at his social media page, Kamogelo has a very close relationship with his parents, who are his number one cheerleaders. Taking to social media, Vigro shared snaps of him and his father captioned: “Moments like this I will forever cherish.. Serving Good music with my Dad”

His father showed him around the studio where he picked up how to beat make and produce his own music, but didn’t want to stick to the sound that his father was making and decided to do what the streets were vibing with which is Amapiano.

Although the star dropped out of school to focus on his music career, he has done well for himself so far. The success that followed the Baby Boy project’s release strained his school days, so much that he could no longer attend all lessons. It is evident that he enjoys his music career, which has arguably shaped his entire life, especially considering that his father is no stranger into the music industry. The passion with which he has been working continues to earn him more fame in the industry. However, the young musician has promised to go back to class because he believes that education is essential in life.

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