Uncle Vinny Reveals He’s Been Supporting His Family Financially Since He Was 15

Uncle Vinny Reveals He’s Been Supporting His Family Financially Since He Was 15! Uncle Vinny real name Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu is a familiar face on MTV Base VJ and has become a social media sensation, as well as one of the biggest amapiano stars right now. He has achieved much fame and recognition, especially considering that he is only 19 years old.

“Uncle Vinny” is a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. Although he is no stranger to the entertainment industry, he gained more fame when his video dancing to amapiano went viral on social media. He is known for his unique dance moves which attracted even the likes of EFF leader Julius Malema. Uncle Vinny took to social media to say, “Since the age of 15 been carrying my family financially you must understand a nigga has never had time to joke around.”

In an interview with Ms Cosmo and Scoop on Podcast, “Uncle Vinny” revealed that he already knew in Grade six that he wanted a career in the entertainment industry. “I started doing theatre in Grade 4. I had the love of SA hip-hop before I was introduced to hip-hop. I’m more of a curious person. If I like something, I get to it fast. I just liked radio. In Grade 7 we did this project at the Hillbrow Theatre. We had a frequency where only people at the flat would be able to listen to the radio. I tried radio in Grade 8 and they told me I was too young,” he added.

‘Mzansi’s youngest malume’ as many call him, shit down the streets of Braamfontein, Johannesburg recently when he celebrated his 19th birthday. He has become a mogul at such a young at and Mzansi cannot do anything but stan the young king. Speaking on being a kid when he gets home considering his status, Vinny said: “At home they don’t really care, I’m just another kid, I am the firstborn, they just have extra help financially, I help with the siblings so I can take the stress off mom and dad sometimes.”

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