Top 5 Amapiano Beefs

Top 5 Amapiano Beefs. Like any music genre, beefs and twars are something that cannot be missed. Politics are everywhere more especially where music is involved.

Here are top 5 amapiano beefs:

Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee

The two have been beefing for quite sme time now and tthe one that caught most people’s attention is over the ownership of masters. DJ Maphorisa fuelled the beef on social media following Prince Kaybee’s announcement that he’s secured the Masters of his debut album, Better Days. Taking to Twitter, Maphorisa claims Kaybee bought the masters. “Finally princess bought sum of his masters back congratulations boy well done. Nna ka jimisana u will hate n love me at the same time u cav dat one,” Lawd Phori tweeted.

Josiah Disciple vs JazziQ

Although the duo split on good terms last year, there is more to the story than what most know. The duo allegedly dated the same woman, whom at a later stage became Josiah’s baby mama. According to MacG on his latest podcast and chill, Josiah left the “guys” for a woman. “Jazzi and Josiah were dating the same girl, knowingly, and then Josiah caught feelings and that happens to be his baby mama. So Josiah caught feelings and decided to tell the guys that he wants to focus on his baby mama and his family and take a break from music. The guys were pissed since Josiah was the engine. The song ‘Mama’ by Josiah was a song about his baby mama because she is into the streets. So the song is Josiah’s cry for help because his baby mama is into blessers and during lockdown, she left hi with the kid and went to back to the streets. On ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ on Mpura’s second verse, he jabs about Josiah saying you thought we were gonna be down and out, but look at us now we f***ing sh*t up, and talking about a baby,” MacG said.

Cassper and Maphorisa

The beef between the two goes way back in 2017 after DJ Maphorisa accused Cassper of lying about his numbers. Maphorisa apparently found himself on Cassper’s blocked list some time in 2017 after taking to social media to question Cassper’s claim to have sold 10 million records. Cassper had earlier taken to Instagram Stories to announce the milestone with a snap of him holding a plaque of his albums. Maphorisa, like much of Twitter, had seen the post and responded by calling Cassper a liar. See tweets:

Morena The Squire vs Zero12 Finest

The beef between the two is over the rightful owner of “Yebo!”. Musician Morena The Squire, real name Morena Sefatsa, has lodged a dispute with the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro), accusing Pretoria group Zero12 Finest of sampling his material “Yebo!”without his permission. Morena claimed that his signature vocal “Yebo!” sung in a particular style in his 2015 song called “Faith Alive”, was stolen by the group who used it in their popular song “Baby Are You Coming?” without his consent and paying him.

Kabza De Small vs Josiah Mphono

‘King of Piano’ Kabza De Small was accused by his record company boss Josiah Mphono of playing him like a piano. Mphono said that Kabza, had signed a three-year contract with his record label, Best By Far Entertainment, and failed to adhere to the contract by allegedly breaching his contract twice by clinching deals with third parties without his consent when he released the hit singles Umshove and Shaya Amabele among others. “I organised a meeting where he admitted to his mistakes and made a commitment to release his next album with us and I believed him,” said Mphono.

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