Mpura Bashes Lady Du’s Claims Of The Original Creator Of ‘Ncela Nithi Hooray’ Line

Mpura Bashes Lady Du’s Claims Of The Original Creator Of ‘Ncela Nithi Hooray’ Line. Amapiano is the current biggest and fastest growing sound created in South Africa. The genre witnessed many upcoming artists progressing and succeeding in the scene with timeless smash hits. Track like ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ and ‘Woza’ have become some of the biggest amapiano tracks to ever be released, despite how long it was released, the track is still relevant and you cannot miss it being played during weekends.

It seems politics are everywhere as long as music is involved. For one genre not many thought could have politics or twars surrounding it, amapiano has just witnessed its first politics. Amapiano vocalist Lady Du has claimed that she is the creator of the famous amapiano line ‘Ncela nithi hooray’ which she first introduced it to the public through the song ‘Woza’ which she still claims it was recorded long before ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’.

LLady Du who features on both hit songs tweeted: “For the record woza was recorded before msebenzi wethu Ncela nithi hooray, I came up with it. My brother was in studio with us that’s when the msebenzi wethu verse was written before nithi I stole the ncela nithi hooray line!!!! I’m the founder. Angisho guys!!!!”

Mpura came out with guns blazing with “receipts” proving that ‘Woza’ was recorded long after ‘Umsbenzi Wethu’ had dropped. ‘Umsebenzi Wethu dropped in 2020, while ‘Woza’ dropped in 2021. Mpura shared videos of Instagram live studio sessions with the dates of what transpired and at what date. See tweets:

This is not the first social media dispute that the two amapiano musicians are involved in. The other one which caught the attention of piano lovers was when Lady Du accused Mpura of stealing Cassper Nyovest’s ‘Angiho Guys’ single.

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