Josiah Explains Why He Walked Away From JazziDiscples Group

Josiah Explains Why He Walked Away From JazziDiscples Group. Josiah Makoela also known as Josiah De Disciple is a DJ and producer from Alexandra Township in South Africa. He is reportedly one of the most favoured house producer in his community. His music production is a blend of house music, piano melodies and Afro-drum. He was previously known as one half half of the music group JazziDisciples, before the split.

Josiah spoke on the split saying it was an agreement from both parts. However, he also emphasised on how they met. “Basically the story of how JazziDisciples came about is two guys from Kasi, we came together and realised that a lot of DJ’s were being booked, there were a lot of DJ’s and finding a slot was a struggle. So we realised that since there are a lot of DJ’s we decided to fuse our sounds and started JazziDisciples,” Josiah said.

Years later, it was announced later announced that Amapiano producers JazziDisciples have decided to split and work on their individual music careers. “I just wanted to solely focus on my music, including the other music production I do. I do not only focus on amapiano, so for me it was to explore more sounds,” he explained.

Although the duo had said they will still release music together at some point, a lot has happened between the two ever since the split. The controversies of who the Beyoncé of the group is started.

Josiah went as further as saying he doesn’t consider himself as only an amapiano producer. “I prefer being referred to as just a producer because I produce different sounds. Hip Hop, Afro-pop, Afro-tech, you name it.

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