JazziQ Says He Is Proud Of Josiah Even Though He Talks Nonsense About Him

JazziQ Says He Is Proud Of Josiah Even Though He Talks Nonsense About Him. The hopes of JazziDisciples reconciling seems to be fading more and more. The former JazziDisciples duo broke the hearts of many music fans when they announced their split some time last year. Although they had shared to making music together once in a while, that seems to be impossible after the altercations that occurred between the two.

“It is with great sadness that I have decided to separate with Mr. JazziQ as Jazzidisciples,” announced Josiah De Disciple on his Instagram page. Even though Josiah claimed that they were separating on a good note, it is clear that there is some animosity between them. JazziQ’s talent was downplayed by Josiah De Disciple after claiming that he carried the JazziDiciples group alone. Mr JazziQ broke the silence and took to social media to say: “I’m proud of mjita and everyone is doing well. Keep pushing gents!!! I’m talking you niggas that also have so much nonsense to say about me aswell. It’s great to see everyone winning! I love you niggas”

Josiah De Disciple recently took to Twitter to discredit Mr JazziQ claiming that he was the one responsible for the hits made by the duo. This comes after a fan asked if they would reconcile reflecting to one specific hit they both worked on.

Josiah dropped an album a week after JazziQ’s “Party With The English” album which left some fans underwhelmed, and that caused a lot of stir on social media, while social media users compared the two albums and concluded that Josiah is better than Mr JazziQ. Although JazziQ’s fans came in defence mode as they were shocked by Josiah De Disciple’s response, one tweep tweeted: “People who claim they did all the work after yall split as a group are just like those ladies who claim it is small after a breakup, clout and street validation e dor bolaya #josiah #jazziQ.”

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