“I’m Coming For Every F*cking Podcast” : Focalistic

“I’m Coming For Every F*cking Podcast” : Focalistic. The current addressable market for podcasting in South Africa country is 16 million people. Podcast listeners in South Africa went up by 50% in 2018. The increase of podcasts in South Africa has significantly seen a rise with the growth of keen ears gluing their eyes on YouTube just to watch their favourite podcast. With that said, there has been quite some controversies following podcasters.

“If you have a podcast you better come in correct … I’m coming for every podcast right now. You guys make artists doubt themselves; you guys make us commit suicide and go through depression. If you have a podcast, make sure your podcast is correct. You guys make us doubt ourselves, you guys make u commit suicide. You guys are not worth it. If yo have a podcast right now, you better come correct.” he said. “I’ve been thinking about it. Lege oka bolela gore le nakwela miriri yagae ne asae loga pila, 5 million. If you’re telling me about Everything SA akitsi lore ba bolela kang bafana bale, bonang ba sue. Lenna i’ve thought about it,” he added.

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There has been quite a controversy and drama between podcasters and South African celebrities; the most recent which caused a huge uproar on social media was between Bonang Matheba and a podcaster named Rea Gopane. Focalistic also spoke on the issue podcaster Rea Gopane who reportedly made drug allegations, defaming Bonang Matheba. One aspect of the legality surrounding Bonang Matheba’s defamation complaint to podcaster Rea Gopane has been raised.

Bonang sent a legal letter to podcaster Rea Gopane to apologise for his statements that she introduced AKA to cocaine. Gopane made the comments on his podcast channel on YouTube and the two-minute clip in which the accusation was made was widely shared on social media. The legal letter demanded an apology, a retraction – which was made – and R500,000 in damages within 10 days. Doubts were raised if such a proceedings letter can make such a demand. Attorney Sulandi du Plessis says Bonang’s legal team needs to quantify if there will be income losses due to the allegation.

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