Focalistic Reveals Why He Regrets Deleting His Verse On Umsebenzi Wethu Remix

Focalistic Reveals Why He Regrets Deleting His Verse On Umsebenzi Wethu Remix. Man of the moment Focalistic’s success has been insane to say the least but it hasn’t been without criticism, especially when the Ke Star hitmaker was named the MTV Base Hottest MC over generally acclaimed SA rappers in 2020. Social media users expressed mixed reactions following the announcement.

Focalistic had written and recorded his verse on the remix of one of the greatest amapiano hits of 2020/2021 titled ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’ however, he later deleted it due to Twitter opinions. He also recreated the verse and incorporated it on his latest single ‘GUPTA’ which is currently a hit. Taking to social media, Focalistic said he regrets his decision. “I remember and I regret it! The same people are at the shows asking me to perform it… the same people who cried about me being the Hottest Mc 2020 , keep asking me to come back to making hip hop!! The same lyrics from that freestyle are on the chart topping single GUPTA!!🙆🏾‍♂️🔥,” Focalistic wrote.

He further said, “I pray nobody’s dreams die because of Twitter opinions.”

Last year, after a heated debate, Focalistic was crowned as SA’s Hottest MC for 2020 by the MTV Base Hottest MCs 2020 panellists. While his win was welcomed by many, there were also several others who disagreed. Following Hip-Hop politics, Focalistic retired from making music under that genre and resorted to amapiano.

“For me, it’s bigger than a genre, it’s about inspiring kids … It’s about me being Focalistic in my space and that’s bigger than a genre or that’s bigger than ‘I’m a hip-hop artist’ or ‘I’m a lyricist’ … I’ve never claimed to be that. In fact, what I am is relatable to everyone in the hood, that’s why I say ‘a se trap ke pina tsa ko Kasi’. Last year I was named the hottest MC in SA and after that I retired from hip-hop because there’s too much politics,” Focalistic explained.

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