Blxckie Exclusively Reveals He Took Advantage Of The Amapiano Scene For His Forthcoming Single

Blxckie Exclusively Reveals He Took Advantage Of The Amapiano Scene For His Forthcoming Single. Rapper Blxckie real nae Sihle Sithole is thoughtfulwith his plans to carry this momentum to drive a meaningful and long-lasting career. In contrast to the enticingly confident and cocky persona most people have come to know through his music, Blxckie is as down to earth as it gets when talking about the things that inspire him most.

On the latest podcast and chill with MacG, Black exclusively revealed some information about his soon to be released album titled “B4Now”. They also jammed on a few tracks just to give fans a glimpse of what the album entails. He also revealed that he has an amapiano inspired track titled ‘Sika Le Khekhe’.

“In high school I always wanted to do sort of like a dance/kwaito song or vibe, so when the amapiano became big, I then decided to jump on it. Even though I wanted to be rapper, I just wanted this typa I’ve. This song is a birthday song and we worked on it for like an hour or so, it didn’t really take that long,” Blxckie said. He also recently went live playing his amapiano song to get the fans perspective on whether he should drop it or not. He reflects: “I always wanted to be seen as a versatility musician, than just a rapper. So going live with an amapiano track was just to test the waters and involve my fans on what they think,” he added.

Speaking on his career which blew up during a pandemic, Blxckie said: “I think two things have really made this possible for me: [The first being] The way Lucas, Dr. Peppa, Christer and I have been supporting each other and really trying to build something that doesn’t pay attention to all the industry bullsh*t. We took advantage of the internet- people were spending more time on their phones. We were locked in making music every day -dropping music on SoundCloud because that’s the easiest. Other than that, I really have my fans to thank and I think checking in with them all the time, going live [on Instagram] regularly, and engaging with them on a daily basis has really made a big difference in my case.”

Watch the full interview here:

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