Amapiano Shuts Down SA Hip Hop, SA Rappers Are Struggling

Amapiano Shuts Down  SA Hip Hop and Big SA Rappers are struggling to stimulate enough interest from their fans musically. Their YouTube views  shows signs of a dying horse that has clearly had it’s run but dying slowly. 

The days of SA Hip Hop songs with over a 1 millions views in a short period  is a luxury only Big Zulu has experienced over the past 2-3 years. Artists like Musa Keys have managed to amass 3 Million views in 3 months in comparison to rappers like  AKA  for his song Finessin’ which is currently sitting on 268k views . Cassper has also not been spared, his Bonginkosi song with Zola is currently sitting at 900k views over 9 months. 

Radio play for SA Hip Hop music is also at an all time low with only 2 SA hip hop song in the top 30 most played songs on radio . The only artists on this list are Nasty C and Big Zulu. Cassper is on the list but as an Amapiano artist which is a sign the tide has turned. Do you think SA Hip Hop can still reign supreme ?

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