Mr JazziQ Slaps Back At Criticism Towards His Choice Of Shoe Brand

Mr JazziQ Slaps Back At Criticism Towards His Choice Of Shoe Brand. Alexandra-born Tumelo Manyoni popularly know as Mr JazziQ, a former one-half of South African Amapiano DJ/producer duo, JazziDisciples has decided to Mr JazziQ took to Twitter to defend his choice of shoe brand ‘Carvela’. Despite the price tag of the shoe, Carvela is apparently associated with a South African township lifestyle of ‘Skothane’.

It all started when Mr JazziQ posted a snap of himself all dressed up wearing a Carvela shoe. One social media user commented on Mr JazziQ’s shoe brand, asking him why he chose that shoe. “Nna kampane ware bitsa di fake friends , otsamaya le mang ka carvela?” translated in English means ‘You’d rather call me a fake friend but I will not be associated with someone who wears Carvela.’

Mr JazziQ decided to slap back at the criticism stating that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval and answering that indeed they are not friends. “uFriend ya mang first of all? Plus who said I need your opinion? REST!”

His fans also defended him, statng that he looks good in whatever he wears. “Your cavellas looks good on you basaofora Abuti,” said one fan.

Another social media user wrote that he should tell the hater that his fans love him with his Carvela: “Tell her tsine labanye sikthanda uqcoke yona le carvela, entlek you look so f***en yummy in Carvela baba… She must Rest.”

While some fans were pleased that Mr JazziQ was not letting the hater get away. See tweets below:

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