Khuli Chana Finally Joins The Amapiano Train And Drops A Single

Khuli Chana Finally Joins The Amapiano Train And Drops A Single. Award winning SA Hip Hop star, Khuli Chana has decided to join the amapiano train and keep up with the time by stepping out of his comfort zone. The star shared a video of the studio session for his forthcoming Amapiano song few days ago, to promote the project.

You will be pleased to know that Khuli Chana has finally dropped the highly anticipated track titled “Buyile” featuring Stino Le Thwenny, TylerICU & Lady Du. What’s even more exciting about it is that it isn’t a Hip Hop joint, but straight up Amapiano. Now, that’s something big to look forward to. Taking to social media, Khuli Chana announced that the song ha finally dropped and is ready for his fans to give it a listen. See tweet below:

Few days ago, Khuli Chana had dropped a teaser with Slikour, letting fans know that a new smash hit was on the way and fans should brace themselves as he samples the new South African sound Amapiano. It hadn’t even crossed our minds until the talented emcee took to social media to tease a potential jam. There are songs you hear, and you know they are going to massive when they finally drop. The talented emcee first teased the song via his wife, Lamiez Holworthy’s set.

t’s not your regular Amapiano from Khuli Chana. Now while some might not agree with the fusion of Hip Hop and Amapiano because of it’s roots in Dance and EDM, the industry is a free for all venture and anyone is free to experiment with sounds as they wish. Khuli Chana’s ‘Buyile’ is very different from the regular Amapaino songs. The beat is made even slower to accommodate his rap style.

Listen to the track below:

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