Kabza De Small Shocks Mzansi With Dance Moves

Kabza De Small Shocks Mzansi With Dance Moves. ‘Sponono’ hit maker Kabelo Motha popularly known as Kabza De Small is known for his goofy sense of humour with the videos of himself he often shares on social media. However, his recent video dropped Mzansi’s jaws

Kabza De Small has given a lot of homophobes some heart palpitations following a video shared on his Twitter account. The Scorpion King shared a video of himself dancing and caressing caressing a bottle that was held against a male friend’s crotch. He posted a video captioned by laughing emojies:

The video received mixed reactions from Mzansi and some of his fans, while some said they are waiting for him to ‘come out of the closet’, while others found the video harmless and laughed along with the piano king. The joke clearly flew over many people’s heads, so Kabza quickly shared another video of women doing the exact same dance.

Lasizwe told people to take a chill pill, “Kabza is doing the lords work! These dance moves must be normalize amongst men angithi nithi” No Homo” after soooo… there is nothing wrong hawu.” See more tweets:

One social media user wrote: “Kabza has a sense of humor. Love it.”

@_ShaunKeyz wrote: “Hai hai hai Kabza, we’re officially disown u as men, this is nonsense waitse.”

Another social media user that seems to have understood Kabza’s “sense of humour wrote: “Life is what you make of it Kabza, fun moments there bro.”

Call my masculinity fragile all you want.. Im not pretending to suck dick from another man

Another tweep that found it funny wrote: “why does it look like une experience?”

Another fan emphasised on the close relationship between Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, and wrote: “this is what happens behind closed doors, plus all of us have been wondering why him and DJ maphorisa are this close.”

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