DJ Sumbody Explains How He Is Keeping Amapiano Alive During The Pandemic

DJ Sumbody Explains How He Is Keeping Amapiano Alive During The Pandemic. South African DJ Sumbody is finding new ways to continue keeping amapiano alive more especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Amapiano is the current most opular sound and has borrowed rhythms and beats from jazz, kwaito, bacardi, deep house and other sounds to create a unique amapiano sound to come out of South Africa.

“It started off with me as a DJ playing at birthday parties, pubs, weddings to me getting a sound system. It started off there, hustling around Pretoria, hustling these alcohol companies for me to supply sound systems whenever they’ve got gigs. I started creating gigs around the institution at Tshwane University of Technology, doing beach parties, hosting my annual birthday parties, then I felt like I had hit the ceiling.”

In 2009, when gqom originlly fromDurban was the country’s most popular genre, DJ Sumbody as a Prettoria native wanted to cut himself a space in the industry and to create a counterpoint to the mainstream. “I started this ‘Ayepyep’ thing as my party hook. So when people go ‘Wololo’, I go ‘Ayepyep!’ So, this thing grew and went nationwide,” DJ Sumbody said.

“If you go to Joburg, you have your Pop Bottles (event), your Taboo (club). I’d been seeing that Pretorians didn’t have something that belonged to them so I created a Pitori hub where we showcase our music and invite other artists to come and feel our vibe,” he added.

Amapiano, just like all other genres of music, finds itself at a difficult position in the time of Covid-19. But Sumbody’s says amapiano is not going anywhere anytime soon. He also explains that lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. “I needed this Covid-19 thing because I was so busy that I was not thinking of other opportunities that are there. This thing is like an eye-opener for me to start thinking out of the box. It is showing me that I can actually achieve more. Us, those at the forefront of amapiano music, we need to make sure that we encourage these up-and-coming producers and artists. Most of them are holding back with their projects, hoping that this thing will end because when you release music, you’re hoping to get bookings soon. That’s how we survive. I’m encouraging them to release their music,” DJ Sumbody concluded.

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