DJ Speedsta responds To Backlash After Being Dragged Over His Amapiano Comments

DJ Speedsta responds To Backlash After Being Dragged Over His Amapiano Comments. South African DJ and TV personality Speedsta has been trending recently on social media over his opinion on amapiano. Amapiano is currently South Africa’s fastestgrowing electronic-music movement, that has kept Mzansi entertained throughout the pandemic. Upcoming musicians were able to succeed and gain popularity after releasing smash hits, while already existing artists in other genres had to adapt to amapiano.

DJ Speedsta has hit back at the backlash he received on social media over the weekend, telling his critics that he has thick skin and is not intimidated by their insults. The star left many social media users with different reactions after he tweeted: “Piano DJs all play the same songs, John Wick four times a night.” Social emdia users reacted differently to his tweet, while few agreed with him but majority dragged him and claimed that amapiano DJs played much better sets than he did, and that when hip hop was popular, hip hop DJs were doing the same.

Reflecting on the backlash he got, Speedsta took to social media to respond – “The socials got their chance to be ugly to me but I was born with a thick skin. Stay safe & look after each other. Call your friends & tell them you love them. Don’t wait for them to die. It’s super cute to see I still get them going I won’t lie. Ps. ‘Please educate us, Piaono DJ’s. You drop a new song every week, But you play the same stuff at the gig? Go away!!

While telling his followers to be kind to each other, Speedsta is not one to reserve his criticism. Speedsta also took aim at hip-hop star Nasty C in a feud last year that led to both of the trending. Nasty called Speedsta out for allegedly “lying” about ownership of the song Bamm Bamm, and said he believed Speedsta’s tweet had jealousy coated on it over his success. sparking a spicy Twitter exchange. Speedsta later hit back, telling Nasty C to keep his name out of his mouth, and added that his album is “overrated”.

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