Black Twitter Reacts To Josiah Claiming He Carried The JazziDisciples Group Alone

Black Twitter Reacts To Josiah Claiming He Carried The JazziDisciples Group Alone. Mr jazziQ and Josiah Dr Disciple teamed up in 2017 to collectively produce a string of hit amapiano songs, showcasing their collaborative skills as producers. Despite doing relatively well as a duo for just over three years, the pair decided to split in June 2020, claiming that it was time for them to return to their individual work. The split broke many hearts of music lovers, but were in awe to see how they will work separately.

Josiah has just claimed that he was solely carrying the JazziDisciples Group by himself. This comes after Mr jazziQ dropped a solo album and it wasn’t well received by piano fans. Few days later Josiah De Disciple dropped his solo album and social media users loved it. The solo albums led to social media users comparing who is better than who between the two.

One fan plead with former JazziDisciples members to rekindle considering the magic they created, referring to a track they worked on together, and Josiah replied to the tweet by saying “You mean the magic I created.” See tweet:

Black Twitter reacted to Josiah’s claim, while some agreed with him and others disagreed saying he shouldn’t discredit Mr jazziQ. See more reactions:

@cellular_RSA wrote: “JazziQ dropped a messed up album. I thought he was the best all along. Now I know that Josiah was the heart of jazzi disciples.”

@kay_mahapa wrote: I love both Josiah and Jazzi but the way Jazzi’s input is being downplayed doesn’t sit well with me. Mjita may not be the greatest producer but Josiah can’t recreate the magic of JazziDisciples without Jazzi and vice versa and that’s because they both played their roles.”

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