5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kabza De Small

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kabza De Small. King of Amapiano Kabelo Petrus Motha, better known by his stage name Kabza De Small, is a South African DJ and record producer. But what more do you know about hi besides creating amapiano smash hits and his major collaboratios with DJ Maphorisa? After reading this article you will have insider information on interesting facts about Kabza De Small and his trails that led to becoming the Piano King.

He used to sell his CDs with his mother

Kabza’s mother has been there throughout Kabza’s music journey as she used to sell Kabza’s music CD with him on the side of the road before he became succesful. Kabza began his career as a DJ in 2009 and dropped his first album in 2016, titled Avenue Sound, released under House Afrika Records.

 He used to get paid in beers before his success

As any starting and upcoming DJ would know, getting a gig to play at its own is a battle and getting paid is the other half of the battle of an up and coming DJ. While starting out, Kabza had a hard time being booked for gigs and whenever he did find himself booked for a gig, he would be faced with not receiving the agreed-upon payment and he would get paid in beers. The DJ and music producer was once paid with 5 beers for a gig.

He is a self-taught music composer

Kabza said that when he was growing up he struggled finding a person who was good enough to teach him the FL studio(digital audio workstation) that almost every producer uses to produce their music. Failing to find a person to teach him he locked himself in his room until he had mastered the composer.

He was a pantsula dancer

Before he became the well known Amapiano artist he was a pantsula dancer, you would be surprised to learn that Kabza used to dance is’Puntsula with his friends in the township streets of Mabopane. This went on until he started hanging out with a much older crowd of friends that influenced his love for House Music.

He is the best selling amapiano artist

Motha is referred to as the “King of Amapiano”. He is considered as one of the best selling music artist of amapiano, and also one of the pioneers of the genre.

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